“Like Napoleon!” – we’re getting loose and cartoony…

A little WIP Computer Animation/CGI Animation test  playing with the rigs ability to be pushed and pulled for more exaggerated  and cartoon style posing and timing.

Here you’ll see I’ve posed and blocked in the body mechanics, as I wanted to try and sell the unique and quirky dialogue using the poses alone. Hopefully when the facial animation and dialogue sync is added that will just serve to plus the body animation.

It’s a building process – and at each step I try and keep sight of my original intent.

Sometimes the computer just says no when it comes to pushing the rig into some of the more extreme poses, so it’s often a fight to the finish to get it to work. But don’t give in – because  if the computer is not doing what I ask, then we’re heading to Skynet. Do what you’re told dammit!

Working in Maya 2016 @ Calarts.

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