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They all said – you gotta have a dream.
Well, when it comes to working in animation – I say; you gotta make that Reel.

Ah, yes.
The obligatory, cringe-inducing, very animation-y pun to start off. Really, what other way was there to go. . . 😐

OK, moving swiftly on. . .



My name is Richard Tuft. I consider myself a storyteller first and foremost. I love telling stories, and love telling stories with great characters even more.
My time is mostly spent doing just that.

  • I create and develop stories by Storyboarding, as well as editing Animatics,
  • Animate & Design (traditionally and in CGI),
  • Write for Television and Film (and any media in-between),
  • & I also Direct, both personal and professional projects.



I’ve been fortunate enough to receive several awards for doing what I love. Including from:-

  • California Institute of the Arts (CalArts)*
  • BAFTA**
  • Walt Disney
  • and an IVCA/EVCOM award***

* Whilst studying in their Character Animation program (Class of ’17)
** First animator to be awarded a BAFTA LA Scholarship
***For Outstanding Game Design and Animation in Digital Media



Over the years I’ve worked with some inspiring people and companies, including the:-

  • BBC
  • Nickelodeon
  • Netflix
  • Warner Brothers
  • Dreamworks
  • Important Studios (a feature film subsidiary of South Park Studios)
  • Fox
  • Bento Box
  • Channel 4 (c4)
  • Volkswagen
  • PwC
  • National Geographic
  • Discovery Channel
  • Yahoo!
  • Sony
  • Disney

…and many others.

Inclusive of that, I have worked in a variety of environments – for Film and Television, in Pre-Production & Pitch phase work, Developing Concepts & Ideas, and in the Digital & Multi-Media arena – creating engaging content for web, marketing and even the occasional online Game.



> For my STORY WORK, please visit my recent Story Portfolio on this site here.

> For my CHARACTER ANIMATION WORK, please visit my Animation Reel on this site here.

> For my MOGFX/PRODUCTION ANIMATION WORK, please check out my Reel on my Vimeo hub here.

( My Vimeo Hub has various content to check out, browse it all from here https://vimeo.com/richardtuft )


Alternatively, please email me [ address below ] to view any other work, or ask me any question, regarding Story and Animation Production
Please note, some of my production work cannot be shared here publicly due to sensitivity of the production content. Please inquire to see.)



I’ve been based in London, and sometimes Los Angeles, and do on-site and remote work at both


It’s good to talk Film and Art, whatever the circumstance.

Get in touch and let’s start something . . .

Richard Tuft, Over and Out :)


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