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Sleepy times now…

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The Battle of Bed

The eternal struggle through duvet and (bed) space

– A lil’ sleepy loopin’ GIF for our final assignment in “Flash Class” at Calarts.

Yes, it’s the never-ending, nightly struggle for bed space supremacy.
May or may not be based on personal experience….


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With our final project in our Calarts’ Flash class, we had to design a looping animation that was based off a theme decided on by the class as a whole.
As it turned out, my suggestion – “Sleep” was picked. I felt it was pretty prevalent at the time as we all were deep into ‘crunch-time’ trying to make our end of year animated short films, and none of us had seen decent sleep in weeks!
Because of the looping principle, I wanted something to study from the theme that would be cyclical in nature, which led me to come up with a few ideas around what happens during sleep, the “sleep cycle”, if you will. We all have certain patterns in sleep, and I thought it would be interesting to look into some of the funnier, character-driven moments that we can all empathize with at some point or another during sleep.
With that, I decided to do a looping animation where a sleeping couple share the bed through the night – with one ‘better half’ decidedly winning the ‘space’ battle (no, not the Luke Skywalker kind…)
Everybody in the bed roll over. There can be only one.
(*It was drawn, colored and animated entirely in Flash. And I gotta say, I really enjoyed using the new tools in Flash, particularly for drawing)

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