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Watch “Two Birds One Stone”

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“Two Birds One Stone”

an animated short by Richard Tuft


I’m proud to present my latest short, animated film – “Two Birds One Stone”

I wrote, animated, designed etc it all during a 10-week long production schedule during my last semester in the
Calarts’ Character Animation program.


Gwan, full screen the beast!

If you liked it (or not! ? ) – I’d love to hear from you!
Contact me
through my About page
http://richardtuft.com/about/ ),
or post a comment by watching directly on Vimeo here ( https://vimeo.com/213781531 )

This is just the start, my first foray if you will, into putting all the various forms of animation together to form a complete and central vision – from conception, design, writing and recording – right up thru to animation and all the bells and whistles you apply in post.
I’m sure in (not too much) time (at all), I’ll look back on this ‘Two Birds, One Stone’ a little hesitantly, and with a cringing eye of self-deprecation. If hopefully only for the fact that I keep on progressing and driving forward in a pursuit of making better and more compelling stories, and more creating interesting and engaging characters. You never can stand too still in this game, and nor would you want too with the constant glut of new stuff being created all the time, new things to inspire you, and new things to inspire to do.
That’s the goal anyway (always has been, always will be!)

So, with that in mind – I hope you don’t judge this primordial offering too harshly. And as always, thank you for watching and supporting – a film without an audience is about as useful as a screen door on a submarine – so thanks for keeping the water out! 🎬💦

Richard Tuft, Over and Out :)



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