Animation Portfolio & Reel / 2018

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Richard Tuft Animation Portfolio & Reel 2018

Gwan, full screen that beast!

    1. Incoming Message / 2d animation / It’s lunchtime for Bill the Builder, after a long day of being surly and arguing with his supervisor. But June’s unattended phone may have a cheeky incoming message that is just what he needs. . .


    1. Two Birds, One Stone* 🐧 / 2d animation / Various shots from my latest short animated film.


    1. Number 1 Guy / CGI animation / Audio sample: Jack Palance from ‘Batman‘ (1989). Rigs all open source. All animation by myself.


    1. Dinnertime / CGI Animation / A little scene of a wife and (large!) husband at dinnertime.


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* 🐧 To see the full film – my latest animated shortTwo Birds, One Stone”, click here:- Watch Two Birds, One Stone (4mi, 39secs)


Life drawing, 1-3 minute sketches. 02. (c) Richard Tuft

Life drawing, 1-3 minute sketches. 01. (c) Richard Tuft

Digital Life drawing, 1-5 minute sketches. 03 (c) Richard Tuft

Animal Sketches, 1-5 minute sketches. 01 (c) Richard Tuft

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